• White tea with rose buds
  • White tea with rose buds

White tea with rose buds


White tea with rose buds, Lazika

Set in the Ardeşen Fırtına Valley of the Rize tea growing region along the Black Sea, Lazika produces some of the finest teas in Turkey. Building on the tea-drinking cultures of both Turkey and Asia, this white tea is a labor of love. During the harvest season, only the young, delicate leaves from the very tip of each branch are carefully harvested by hand, ensuring superior, subtle flavor and sustainable agricultural practices. The sophisticated aromas are enhanced by the fine perfume of Turkish rosebuds, offering one of the most exquisite teas produced in the country today.

Each portion is individually packaged for convenience and flavor.


  • 15 handcrafted tea bags
  • Store in a cool, dry place