• Smoked salt flakes
  • Smoked salt flakes
  • Smoked salt flakes

Smoked salt flakes


Smoked salt flakes, Salted Goods

Homa Lagune in Izmir is not only home to flamingos and rich mineral waters, but also to natural salts sourced by a third generation of local producers under the brand name Salted Goods. Their series of hand-harvested salt flakes, fleur de sel and hand-mixed, all-natural flavored salts are perfect for adding subtle flourish to any dish.

This natural flaky salt is smoked in an oak wood fire so that it absorbs an intense aroma, without any added preservatives or chemical additives. The flat, flaky nature of the salt crystals allows for fast absorption, perfect for adding a delicate campfire flavor to grilled meats.


  • Sea salt flakes smoked with oak wood.
  • Glass jar.
  • 50 grams.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • 100% natural, no additives or preservatives.