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Sahan Pan


Sahan Pan, Soy

From stovetop to table, these shallow pans are ideal for cooking as well as serving. This copper pot is lined with silver plating for the best possible use. If you are a resident of Turkey, the producers offer an annual free re-tinning. However, if you live abroad, the producers are happy to provide the names of centers that could offer similar services.

The sahan is used for traditional Turkish dishes like şakşuka and menemen, the latter of which you can find a great recipe in our Istanbul Contemporary Cuisine cook book.

For best results do not use high heat for long periods of time, do not use metal, abrasive utensils, steel wool and the like within the vessel.  For more details on how to best keep your wares, you may refer to the warranty certificate included with the product.


  • Copper, silver plating with bronze handles.
  • Small: Measures 16cm wide and 4cm tall.
  • Large: Measures 18cm wide and 4cm tall.
  • Because these products are made to order, there will be a 7-day production period followed by the standard 3-day preparation and packing period. Thus, there will be a maximum of 10 days before the product can be shipped.