• Regenerative Night Rose Elixir
  • Regenerative Night Rose Elixir

Regenerative Night Rose Elixir


Regenerative Night Rose Elixir, Gülsha

The rose has long held an important spot in Turkey’s history, revered as a symbol of purity and its essence used widely for enhancement and refreshment. The Isparta region of Turkey is famous for its roses, specifically the Rosa Damascena, which blooms only during the month of May. Noted for its fine fragrance, the oil-bearing blossoms are a key natural ingredient for health and beauty. Gülsha founder Gülşah Gürkan harnesses the heritage and natural healing properties of the rose and, collaborating with French skincare experts has created a line of all-natural and powerful products for an effective skincare regimen.

This rich, complexion-improving elixir contains rose essential oil blended with hyaluronic acid to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and skin sagging over time. Enriched with a unique blend of anti-ageing peptides that mould and contour the face, Gülsha Regenerative Night Rose Elixir helps to stimulate the synthesis of collagen I, II and V to strengthen the structure of the skin matrix and increase skin elasticity. The fragrant blend of essential oils will help soothe and calm to ease you towards sleep.


  • Size: 18 ml
  • Parabens, Alcohol, Glycol, Gluten, Colorants, Perfume FREE. 
  • Suitable for all skin types.