• Peshtemal Towel
  • Peshtemal Towel

Peshtemal Towel


Peshtemal Towel, Haremlique

First found in hammams, peshtemals are thin and lightweight, absorbent, and dry quickly, tailored perfectly for the bathhouse. These peshtemals towels are woven from 100% Egyptian cotton and, unlike traditional peshtemals, has a terry pattern on one side in addition to the familiar knotted tassels. Characteristically soft and absorbent, these towel peshtemals are perfect for the bath, gym, yoga, and as a wrap at the beach. They are also ideal for traveling since they take up so little space and provide all you would ever need from a towel and then some.


  • 100% Egyptian cotton, made in Turkey
  • Available in light blue, honey, coral, orange, sage, blue and black
  • Dimensions: Approximately 39.4 inches x 59 inches (100 cm x 150 cm)
  • Machine wash in warm water and tumble dry