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Copper Oil Diffuser


Copper Oil Diffuser, Mesele

This oil diffuser is designed in the form of a traditional ehlikeyif. An Ottoman term, the word brings together two words, ehl (friend or member) and keyf (an intagible moment of joy), to mean the joy of friends. The ehlikeyif is traditionally known as the metal container to keep your rakı glass cool. Here, however, there is a new use for its old function: oil-scented candle holders. These beautiful brass candleholders carry both the candle and scented oil. The heat of the flame allows the aroma and its effects to disperse throughout the room.

Each diffuser is hand-crafted in the Antep Coppersmiths’ Bazaar, and engraved with an icon. Choose the At Nalı (horseshoe) for iyi talih (good fortune), or perhaps the Ay ve Yıldız (the moon and star) for ahenk (harmony). There is the ancient Anatolian goddess Kybele, the Great Mother of the Gods, who symbolizes doğurganlık (fertility). Finally, there is the Elibelinde icon. Literally meaning “hands on hips,” the icon signifies üretkenlik (productivity).


  • Each candle holder is handmade from copper. 
  • Each purchase comes with a sized candle and lavender oil.
  • Size: Approximately 4.7 inches x 3 inches (12cm x 8cm).