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Jewelry Bag


Jewelry Bag, Haremlique

This padded, white jewelry bag adorned with black Ottoman-inspired scenes has everything you need to organize your jewelry and keep it safe. It unfolds to a lovely deep red with a leather strap for earrings, another for rings, and two zippered pouches, one split in three for necklaces and chains and the other larger to accommodate your other items. With a red string tie to keep it closed, this bag is perfect for throwing into your purse and for traveling, without having to worry about anything spilling out. What better way to keep your jewelry than with unique, modern style.


  • Two zippered pockets (one with three compartments)
  • One strap for earrings and one strap for rings
  • Dimensions (approximate): 8.5 inches x 5.3 inches (21.5 cm x 13.5 cm) when closed, 17 inches x 14 inches (43 cm x 35.5 cm) when open