• Three-piece hammam set with glossy bowl

Three-piece hammam set with glossy bowl


With our pumice, aromatherapy soap, and hammam bowl, you will be able to scrub away the stresses of your day. Pair the pumice with our handmade Zeytune soap, created with the cold-press method to ensure all the nourishing benefits of extra-virgin olive oil, shea butter, and coconut oil will infuse your skin. Made without chemicals, synthetic lathering agents, or artificial colors, there are four scents available —bay laurel for dry skin, lavender for sensitive skin, goat’s milk with palmarosa for damaged skin, and olive oil for sensitive skin. Prepare your relaxation ritual in a brushed matte brass hammam bowl plated in gold. The handcrafted bowl is approximately 4 inches x 1.5 inches (10.5 cm x 4 cm) and is perfect in any corner of your home.

Pumice, Lalay

Aromatherapy soap, Zeytune

Hammam bowl, LCP