• Six-piece hammam set with two types of soap

Six-piece hammam set with two types of soap



Bring a piece of Turkey to you with our hammam set. Included is a striped peştamal, or a thin, absorbent Turkish towel; bar and liquid olive oil soaps; an exfoliating kese bath mitt; pumice set; and a gold plated bowl.

Peştemals are thin, absorbent traditional towels with more than 600 years of history. These bright and colorful towels are now used in a variety of functions in everyday life, including picnic blankets, winter scarves, sweat wickers, or a beach towel. Your towel, which measures approximately 78 inches x 37 inches (200 cm x 95 cm), is machine washable in warm water with like colors and can be tumble dried on low.

Our handmade olive oil bar soap is made free from artificial preservatives, salts, or dyes. The soap, which comes in both original and rose scent, infuses skin with the plant’s natural antioxidants. Each piece comes in a hand sewn cloth pouch.

The olive oil liquid soap is perfect if you are on the go, packaged in a handy tube that’s easy to pop into your cosmetic bag. Made without synthetic preservatives, colorants or detergents, it does not try or irritate skin. Exfoliate your refreshed skin with our kese bath mitt or pumice stone set, with both large and small, by Lalay.

The hammam bowl is a perfect piece to bring it all together. Each handmade bowl is cast from brass and plated gold for a minimalist elegance, perfect to hold soaps, candles, or rose petals. Finished with either a brushed matte or polished gloss, each is approximately 6.8 inches x 2.5 inches (17.5 cm x 6.5 cm).

Olive oil bar soap, LCP

Olive oil liquid soap, Sedena

Hammam bowl, LCP

Kese, Lalay

Pumice set, Lalay