• Green tea with Yayla flowers

Green tea with Yayla flowers


Green tea with Yayla flowers, Lazika

Set in the Ardeşen Fırtına Valley of the Rize tea growing region along the Black Sea, Lazika produces some of the finest teas in Turkey. The delicate flavors of this unique green tea is derived from the carefully hand-picked leaves. During harvest season, only the top 2.5 leaves of each branch are used, ensuring superior quality and sustainable farming practices. The subtle, grassy notes are enhanced with fresh yayla flowers from the Turkish Black Sea plateau. This not only tastes great, but offers health benefits in form of a powerful dose of antioxidants and soothing, blossoming aromas.

Each portion is individually packaged for convenience and flavor.


  • 15 handcrafted tea bags
  • Store in a cool, dry place