• Green Onyx Mortar and Pestle
  • Green Onyx Mortar and Pestle
  • Green Onyx Mortar and Pestle

Green Onyx Mortar and Pestle


Named from the Latin for the Greek word ὄνυξ, which means 'fingernail' legend has it that one day while Venus was sleeping Cupid cut her fingernails with his arrows, as they scattered on the ground they were then turned into onyx by the gods.

As you would imagine coming from a goddess onyx is a particularly beautiful stone with the Cappadocia region producing some of the highest quality. Formed in the gas cavities in lava the region has a long heritage of onyx production dating back to ancient history, with its great strength and translucent properties distinguish it from marble. Sadly this art is in decline and we are making efforts to try and revive this craft in the region.

Onyx is not only famed for its aesthetics but is said to be posses holistic properties as a great enabler of inner strength, assisting in focus and persistence, whilst also helping to build ones inner strength as a defence against negativity.

This precious onyx mortar and pestle perfectly embodies the wondrous qualities which have made this stone sought after throughout many civilizations. Its intricate marbling and unique color make it a fascinating object to add a touch of character to your home.


  • Made in Turkey.
  • Wash by hand with warm water.
  • Not suitable for kitchen use. Decorative purposes only. 
  • Size: Approximately 3 inches x 2.7 inches (10 cm x 7 cm).