• Evil Eye Charm

Evil Eye Charm


Evil Eye Charm, LCP 

The rounded blue nazar boncuğu or evil eye is a common sight in Turkey. In fact, it would be highly unusual to go a day without seeing one attached to a bag, dangling from a bracelet or hanging from a doorway. This evil eye, however, differs from the traditional ones we see every day. The handmade oval eye is set in whorls of color greens and yellow tones, attached to a leather strap with nautical knots - so it can be hung from either end.

The eye’s shape allows it to be on the lookout for any misfortune from all angles. Whether you are superstitious or not, the vibrant colors of the evil eye itself is sure to bring a little color to any space, whether hanging from your rearview mirror or over your doorway. The charm comes in its own woven pouch that can be reused for spices or even scenting a cupboard with lavender.


  • Handmade in Istanbul
  • Leather rope, multicolored Czech glass bead, white bead
  • With leather strap measures approximately 17 inches (43 cm).
  • Leather strap can be modified/cut according to use.