• Mini lavender pillows - Yastık by Rıfat Özbek
  • Mini Lavender Pillow (set of two) by Yastık
  • Mini Lavender Pillow (set of two) by Yastık

Mini Lavender Pillow (set of two) by Yastık


Mini Lavender Pillow (set of two), Yastık by Rifat Özbek

These pillows of dried lavender add a delicate scent to a room or a drawer. Each yastık (pillow) is woven, embroidered and dyed using traditional techniques that have been honed by artisans over centuries. The first pillow is made of pure silk dyed in ikat style, producing a richly colored, even geometric pattern. The second pillow is embellished with Şile embroidery - an efficient, ancient style that has sadly often been replaced by more mechanized techniques. For these pillows, artisans have combined the Şile technique with the craft of tel kırma (metal cutting), a far more complex process requiring special needles, fine gold, silver, and copper threads, and great patience. The end result is a unique, finely detailed image.

Discover the full story behind these pillows.


  • Each purchase comes with two small pillows.
  • Because the fabric is handmade, the colors of the ikat silk will vary.
  • Each pillow measures roughly 3.5 inches (9 cm) by 2.7 inches (7 cm).