Didem Şenol's zucchini fritters recipe

Didem Şenol mücver recipe

While the culinary scene of Istanbul has developed in waves of new openings and exciting flavors, the restaurant world still chiefly remains the domain of men. But this is changing. The Guide Istanbul interviewed five fascinating women chefs and talked to them about their journeys through the kitchen and business world and their go to recipes.​ To see the rest of the article click here

Didem Şenol, the owner and chef of Gram, has a soft spot for mücver, which she says are not only her childhood comfort food, but also a crowd pleaser all over the world. At a recent food conference in New York City, Şenol says that of all the things she cooked, these vegetable fritters were the most loved.

“I was in love with my mom’s mücver when I was kid, just as all kids love fried food,” she writes in her cookbook, Biraz Maya, Biraz Gram. “After becoming a chef, I put aside traditions to try to find new ways to make it even more delicious. It has to be served warm and juicy.  For that reason, I decrease the flour ratio, increase the herbs, add white cheese and fry it in hazelnut oil.”​

1 kg zucchini​
200 gr flour
1 bunch of parsley​
1 onion
1 bunch of dill
150 gr white cheese
4 eggs
black pepper
hazelnut oil

Choose fresh and firm zucchinis. Without peeling them, grate them, season with a dash of salt and put in strainer.​

After a few minutes, wring out the zucchini pieces to rid them of excess water.​ Then, add finely chopped parsley, onion and dill. Grate the white cheese into the mixture, and mix it all.​ Lastly, add eggs and flour, season with black pepper and put it in fridge for 30 mins to rest.​ 

Heat oil to around 185-190 degrees Celcius - this will help prevent the fritters from soaking up excess oil. Using a tablespoon, scoop spoonfuls of the mixture into hot hazelnut oil and fry until golden.

Place on a paper towel, eat immediately.

Serve it in style: Try serving these delicacies on our İznik tiles.


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